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Schoolhouse Chess™

Using the same philosophy as Mad Science®, Schoolhouse Chess™ enrichment programs make learning chess fun!  We teach chess with fun characters and stories that are woven into a logical, step-by-step curriculum that begins with the basic rules and extends through advanced strategies and tactics!

Included with the program are the registration flyers for the whole school, 
 weekly take-home sheets, a chess comic book, a portable chess set, and a certificate of completion.

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We offer two levels: "Beginner" and “Intermediate.” Both levels operate during the same session - the instructor splits the time evenly between both groups during the hour. First, the lesson of the day is discussed for about 10-15 minutes. Then, the rest of the time is spent practicing the day’s lesson with the kids playing each other, while the instructor walks around answering questions and emphasizes the rules of the game.


Schoolhouse Chess™ After-School Enrichment Programs

  • Held at your school for one hour, once per week

  • Conducted by professional instructors with creative lesson plans

  • Fascinates children with imaginative characters that accelerate the learning process

  • Includes a portable chess set for all participants to keep

  • Registration is available online

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